Restoring Our Seed


Our program teaches how to grow and improve organic seed, through:

* winter conferences on whole farm seed cropping systems

* summer field days on selecting for local adaptability and disease resistance

* fall seed harvesting & cleaning workshop,

* on-farm ecological breeding projects

* building local networks with schools, farmers, chefs and seed companies

Develop new marketing opportunities for farm-produced organic seed. Learn ways that growing seed can diversify your farm and increase your profits.

Join us in fascinating workshops that cover:

* how to integrate growing seed into your existing farm production

* optimal spacing, isolation distances and populations for robust seed crops

* how to restore native habitats to attract beneficial insects and pollinators

* how to select to improve varieties for local adaptation, to increase plant yield, cold-hardiness and disease resistance

* when to harvest and how to efficiently clean and store seed

* youth and community education on the power of saving seed.

Restoring Our Seed Team


We invite your contributions, articles, stories, photos, and ideas how Restoring Our Seed can work for you.

Send us your questions, concerns and discoveries.

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