Wadi Fukin

a peaceful Palestinian farming village nestled in a hidden valley down a windy road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem,

with pure flowing spring water, fertile fields and hard-working farming families - but threatened with destruction by encroaching urban development.


ancient 'debea' wheat

 spring-fed irrigation pond

 olive grove

 almost each home has a bustan garden of traditional crops

 Atif with his stunning heritage sheep

 Amani helps harvest a baladi giant cabbage

 explaining the three year cropping rotation of legumes, wheat and vegetables, with generous use of compost. The farmer askes how to control nematodes.


baking saj-chubez

 the women gather in the afternoon to bake together

 Atif's welcoming family on their porch

view from the porch of the valley and

surrounding urban sprawl on the hills above
Support Wadi Fukin Business Cooperation:


Donate to build a wastewater treatment wetland to transform raw sewage from Betar Elite into safe biosolids


Buy ancient wheat grown in Wadi Fukin Contact: growseed@yahoo.com

We exchanged heirloom seeds from Fedcoseeds.com for drought-hardy baladi wheat and squash seeds saved by generations of Wadi Fukin farmers.