gluten-safe - primordial grain from the dawn of agriculture

Einkorn's natural gluten is easier to digest, especially when fermented. Each order is stone-milled fresh the day that it is shipped. 

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Einkorn Grain

25 lbs - $99.

Organic  Einkorn Flour   



Baking with Einkorn


Breakfast Cereal




Enjoy as a sweet hot cereal or savory polenta packed with nutrition to sustain you through the day. Stir 1 unit of porridge into 2.5 units boiling salted water, cover, simmer ~ 15 minutes till soft and tender. For quick prep, soak in cold water overnight then simmer in morning. Children love it!

Cracked wheat was a staple dish in ancient and medieval cuisine. Traditional recipes add milk, eggs, almonds, currants, honey, saffron and rose flower water, served with meat as pottage with venison, fish or in risottos. Boiled cracked wheat topped with yogurt in ancient Persia to Turkey.





Einkorn Bread Mix

with Chia Seeds




Ingredients: fresh-milled einkorn flour, einkorn grain for sprouting, chia & flax seed, seasalt, dry sourdough starter,

Optional to add: maple syrup or honey, oil, kefir, egg or spring water

Einkorn 'Skinny Bread' helps you lose weight!!
Einkorn sourdough bread satisfies longer because it does not raise blood sugar like modern wheat bread.

Lower glycemic index of einkorn compared to modern bread.

Starter Instructions. Why Sourdough is healthier.











Einkorn Pastry Flour


Make fluffy, rich-flavored pancakes, crepes, waffles, pastries or cookies with our versatile multi-purpose einkorn pastry mix.

Ingredients: einkorn flour, tapioca flour, dry sourdough starter and chia seeds


Sourdough Pancake Recipe

Night before, mix four heaping tablespoons flour and starter with pure water for a thick batter. Do not refridgerate. Next morning beat in one egg. Slowly beat in tablespoon or two of milk to a thin batter consistency. Optional: Grate in cheddar cheese. For crepes, top with riccotta-sweetened-with-maple syrup and lemon, then roll.








Einkorn Pasta


Made from organic einkorn flour and seasalt; a high-nutrition delight with any meal.

$10 per 12 oz bag.

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Chai Tea

chai label 

Drink to your health with Rooibus, Cardamom, Ginger, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Einkorn Hulls & Blessings.



CARDAMON - Antispasmodic, digestive stimulant, eases flatulence, relieves headaches.

CINNAMON - Relieves nausea, flatulence or diarrhea.

CLOVES - Antiseptic, antispasmodic, prevents nausea, breath freshener.

GINGER - Sharp taste. Eases a cold, brings warmth and settles stomach, cleansing effect on body, prevents nausea, improves digestion.

VANILLA - Calming and tasty *

Boil two cups of water. Add 2 heaping tablespoons of Chai Tea mix. Chant your favorite song as the chai gently simmers ~5 minutes to bring blessings to your day and speed you on your path. Strain. Add milk and sweetener to taste. Enjoy! Add fresh ginger or mix with hot chocolate in the winter . Blend with soy milk and ice on a hot summer day.

* These statements not evaluated by the FDA.
























Baking Tips and Recipes

Einkorn is more flavorful and easier to digest than wheat but has a different gluten quality. To optimize your baking experience, we suggest:Use fermented sourdough starter to enliven with vitaity. Wild yeasts are the same microorganisms teeming in a healthy human digestive system. Use living spring water, not chlorinated tap water.

No-Knead Bread - Einkorn dough may be sticky at first because einkorn absorbs liquids slower than wheat. Oil your hands for easy kneading. Excessive kneading does not develop greater gluten. Time does. Knead until the dough is hydrated and responsive with spring back. Do not “let the dough rise until it has doubled in size then punch down”. If dough rises too much, it will deflate in the oven. Under-proof rather than over-proof. After kneading and shaping, place overnight in the fridge in a bread pan covered in a plastic bag then bake the next day. Place a pan of water in bottom of oven to enhance a crisp, golden, caramelized crust with the irresistible aroma of freshly baked bread.

Pastries and Cakes - Substitute 1/4 of the einkorn flour for tapioca flour for enhanced crispness. Einkorn has less starch than wheat so add an extra egg or egg white to batter for a lighter cake.

Easy No-Knead Einkorn Sourdough Sprout Bread Recipe

More Einkorn Bread Recipes

Einkorn Challah: 4 and 6 Braid Instructions!



Nana's Pie Crust


Einkorn Scones

Olive Onion Cheese Einkorn Fougasse Bread

More Einkorn Recipes

Tell us how your bread came out! Send us your favorite einkorn recipes and photos to share.


Einkorn Bread is SKINNY BREAD because its nutrient richness satisfies your hunger, decreases cravings and is higher in protein and minerals than all other wheat!

































Bread with Quinoa Grain

Finally! A gluten-free health bread!


Quinoa flour, Teff, Chia Seeds, Seasalt,Yeast

$15. - 1.5 lbs - makes two loaves

Recipe: Add 2 eggs, 1 tps olive oil, ~1/2 cup of milk or spring water or sourdough starter, 2 tbs maple syrup or honey. Mix well. Knead gently. Dust with quinoa flour. Form loaves into small oiled, floured baking pans. Cover with pastic bag. Let ferment slowly overnight in the fridge. Bake next day at 330 till golden brown. Cool before slicing. 



Hulls-on Einkorn Grain

Bake Paleolithic bread with hulls-on einkorn as an eductional experience. Click for recipe.

Available after 2014 harvest

Einkorn Malt

grown by Eli Rogosa, malted by for special order. Contact

malt1malt malt1

"We know God loves us because He gave us beer." Ben Franklin

Which came first - bread or beer? In the ancient Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh, when the wild man Enkidu drank einkorn beer, ‘his heart grew light, his face glowed and he sang out with joy’. Ancient naturally brewed beers not only lightened the heart, but were brewed with healing herbs and even contained antibiotics.

How was ancient beer made?
Ancient peoples discovered 'beer' by tasting sprouted grain bread that had been left in water to ferment naturally. Gradually the art of producing beer evolved using sprouted grain bread boiled with dates or honey and fermentation. Later the bread stage was skipped, and the grain was soaked in water, sprouted, dried (malted), mixed with water sweetened with dates or honey and left to ferment naturally. Ancient ‘beer’, more like an unhopped ale or gruit, was a thin oatmeal-like porridge-brew with about a 3% alcohol by volume. You can recreate this ancient brew using the recipe for Einkorn KVASS above.

Brewing Basics: Sterilize all pots and bottles thoroughly. Simmer malt (ground dried sprouted hulled grain) in water for about half an hour (mashing) The sweet liquid tea-like ‘wort’ is then boiled and filtered for up to an hour. Herbs, spices, sugar, honey or maple syrup can be added to taste. The wort is rapidly cooled, then yeast is added. As the wort slowly ferments at room temperature, the sugars are converted to alcohol.

The Talmud (Pesachim 107a) describes four different types of beer; Shechar (grain beer), Pirzuma (date beer), T ’ainy (fig beer), and Asni (berry beer). Date beer was especially enjoyed in Babylon (Baba Batra 96b). Beer was used as a medicinal tonic to preserve herbal extracts in alcohol. Hops were added to balance the sweet malt with bitter astringency and as a preservative. Fermented herb beers, known as ‘gruit’ in Europe, were common in Ancient Israel. Even fermented milk, common in nomadic societies, was enjoyed. Cohanim priests who drank too much fermented milk were prohibited from serving in the Temple if they were inebriated (Talmud, Krisus 13b).

Available after 2014 harvest


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Buy Heritage Wheat


Baking with einkorn

 harvesting heritage wheat in 1500s, Breugal

 harvesting modern wheat in Kansas

History of Einkorn

The first wheat mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 30:14, in the account of Jacob's sojourn with Laban in Mesopotamia ­ was einkorn. Known as 'shippon' in Hebrew, Abraham and Sarah offered einkorn cakes to the three angels that visited them. Wild einkorn was harvested in the late Paleolithic and early Mesolithic Ages, 16,000-15,000 BC. Cultivated einkorn found in Karaca Dag-Mountains of Southeast Turkey. Einkorn was cultivated in the Tigris and Euphrates (modern day Turkey to Iraq) of ancient Mesopotamia to ancient Jericho from 7600 B.C. and gradually spread to Asia Minor and Europe. Einkorn has survived in remote village fields due to its great ability to draw nutrients from stony soils in mountain villages and rich flavor. Ancient peoples pounded the grain with morters to loosen the hull, then milled it into flour by hand-grinding between stones. Traditional peasants prepare einkorn porridge, peasant breads, mixed it in soups, salads and casaroles, and use it to feed animals evedn to this day in Turkey, Yugoslavia, Albania, Transylvania, and in the Andalusia, Spain. The ancient secretive tribe of Druze peoples, with an esoteric history spanning from Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, still grow einkorn today in their villages in Syria and the Golan Heights for festive ceremonial meals.

Quality and Recipes

Einkorn has an other-worldly feeling to it, perhaps due to its delicate, filagree glumes that rise up from the grain head. We are excited to report that our einkorn breads rise well, have good loaf volume and are delicous!


Einkorn is higher in protein and minerals than modern wheat. (Einkorn-22.83% vs. modern hard red wheat-14.5%) and higher in phosphorous, potassium, pyridoxine (B6), lutein and very high beta-carotene (lutein) and antioxidants.(2.)

Gluten Safety

We advise to work with your doctor to test if einkorn is safe for you. Every person is unique. A cautious way to test is to touch einkorn flour to your lips. Does it feel ok? If you feel no reaction, carefully place a tiny amount on your lip then tongue. Take slow, careful steps to test for yourself if you feel any reaction.

Einkorn Research Cooperation

Ancient wheat builds bridges for peace. We collected einkorn from traditional Druze farmers in the Golan Heights in cooperation with the Palestinian <>, the Jordanian and Israel Genebank. See Conference Proceedings and Report. We coordinate the 'Northeast Organic Wheat' project in partnership with the Hungarian Cereal Genebank, Agrocologia of Denmark, Dr. Mueller of <>, Anson Mills, NOFA-NY and MOFGA. We are conducting trials at the University of Massachusetts Organic Research Farm, and on our 12 acre organic farm in Colrain in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, to trial world einkorn populations to evaluate which populations grow best in New England. We are testing for nutrition and tolerance by gluten sensitive celiacs, and local adaptability. We welcome research and grower cooperation.


'Bread from the Earth' workshops offered on the history of wheat, artisan bread-baking with ancient and heritage wheats, with practical suppport to restore ancient grains in nutrient-dense cropping systems. See:

More Research

1. Lack of intestinal mucosal toxicity of Triticum monococcum in celiac disease patients , Daniela Pizzuti, Department of Surgical and Gastroenterological Sciences, Via Giustiniani 2, IT-35128, Padua, Italy,

Objective. The treatment of celiac disease is based on lifelong withdrawal of foods containing gluten. Unfortunately, compliance with a gluten-free diet is difficult mainly due to its low palatability. In evolutionary terms, Triticum monococcum is the most primitive cultivated wheat. Conclusions. Data show a lack of toxicity of T. monococcum gliadin in an in vitro organ culture system, suggesting new dietary opportunities for celiac patients to safely eat einkorn.

2. Alternative Wheat Cereals as Food Grains: Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale
G.F. Stallknecht, K.M. Gilbertson, and J.E. Ranney

*All photos and text on this page are copyright by Eli Rogosa (unless otherwise indicated) and may not be used without written permission.