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Eli Rogosa Kaufman

a seed-saver, amateur crop breeder and school garden educator

ROS Coordinator


Dr. Mark Hutton

Maine Cooperative Extension's vegetable and seed specialist with years of experience in plant breeding.



CR Lawn

Fedco's trial farmer who evaluates little-known heirlooms and reintroduces superior varieties to commercial production

ROS Coordinator


Dr. John Navazio

ia a plant breeder and educator for crop improvement in organic systems.


Dr. Raoul Robinson

Return to Resistance - Excerpts

Breeding a Better Bean: The Horizontal Resistance Approach

a former trainer with FAO and author of Return to Resistance, has pioneered breeding for resistance to local pests and disease. Raoul is providing support to develop on-farm breeding projects in New England. See:,


Frank Morton

Frank Morton, plant breeder of extraordinary edible landscape and salad varieties, is an expert in the ecological dynamics of seed production. Frank develops varieties through trials and reselection with stress, pest, and disease pressure. Only the best strains make it to field production, and these get prime care in fertile organic soil to encourage large healthy seed.









Will Bonsall

curator of over 3,000 varieties for the Seed Savers Exchange

207 778 3387

Will displays some of the 700 potatoes he curates for Seed Savers' Exchange.



Rowen White assistant farm manager at Hamshire College farm, drawns on her indigenous Native American knowledge of seed-saving in compelling work to research and conserve New Englands' traditional food crops and continue age-old traditions with the land.


Jay Leshinsky

Middlebury College Organic Garden

Masseachusetts Jeremy Barker-Plotkin

413 323 9608


Jack Kertecz

207 568 3444

MOFGA Demonstration Site Farmer