Northeast Native Seed

Restoring Our Seed is working with the Haudenosaunee Native Seed Collective, a group of indigneous and non-indigneous growers committed to restoring Northeast Native heirloom crops. Their collection of rare locally-adapted landraces includes: purple corn, zebra striped beans, giant orange hubbards, and other wonderful foods and flowers.

Rowen White, coordinator and curator for the project, is working arduously to restore small lots of rare native seedstocks into healthy populations. The goal of many of HNSC growers is to provide enough stock seed to gift back to Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) people for use in community gardens, large-scale growouts, and more. Honoring the cultural and historical connection to these seeds, Rowen conducts seminars and workshops from elementary school to college level to share the rich heritage of her people, in ways that inspire each of us to be stewards of the earth.

For more information or workshops, contact:, 978-790-8875.