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Amazing bulk Einkorn Flour SALE - 25 lbs for $2.99/lb!!

Let us work together to feed the world with the Rogosa Einkorn that yields higher than wheat, is climate-resilient and safe for most gluten allergies! I collected einkorn seed in Europe and the Mideast, planted and selected for robust health and flavor. Today we have an abundance - but we need everyone's help to spread the word, to buy this einkorn and tell the world that we do not need GMOs to feed the planet with healthy foods! Email your ideas for cooperation to Eli Rogosa: growseed@yahoo.com



Gluten-safe grain from the dawn of agriculture







Sourdough Einkorn Bread

The healthiest bread you can buy.

Blessed for a healthy & kosher loaf.

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Eli Rogosa and Cr Lawn on their Biodiversity Farm


Heritage Wheat

Restore the delicious biodiversity of Landrace Wheat.







Recipe for 1/2 einkorn and 1/2 wheat bread.

We welcome visitors! Pick-up your baked-to-order Einkorn Sourdough Sprout Bread and fresh milled Einkorn Flour, or join us for a customized baking workshop. PLEASE EMAIL or CALL AHEAD! 413 624 0214

Directions: Interstate 91 - Exit 26, From the rotary, turn onto Rt 2 West. Drive 3.6 miles on Rt. 2 West. Immediately after Hagars Market and Strawberry Fields antique store on the right, look for a green sign: “To Rt. 112 North Colrain.” Turn RIGHT onto the Colrain/Shelburne Road. Drive 5.1 miles north. At the intersection with a white-steepled brick church turn LEFT onto Rt. 112 - Main Road. Drive a mile, turn RIGHT onto Foundry Village Road. After a windy mile bear RIGHT onto Adamsville Road 2 miles north, staying on Adamsville (bare right at a fork up the hill) We are the little yellow cape on the left side - 400 Adamsville.

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