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Klaas Martens & Eli Rogosa in their Einkorn Field

Slow-Rise No-Knead Einkorn Bread in a Dutch Oven

Einkorn Sourdough Sprout Bread

1/2 Einkorn and 1/2 Wheat Bread.

Cheddar - Maple Einkorn Bread

Saluf Yeminite Flatbread with Fenugreek and Chickpea



Eli Rogosa and Cr Lawn on their Biodiversity Farm

HGC collects and restores landrace grain biodiversity and culinary traditions from earth to hearth. We manage a community seed bank, and offer workshops on seed-saving and traditional food arts. 'Eat it to Save it' is our motto. Click to learn more about us.

Grow a Community Seed Bank: Send us a stamped self-addressed puffy envelope with your seed request, then return a portion of your best harvest next year to our seedbank. Start your own seed sanctuary and join our network. Email: growseed@yahoo.com Youth Seed-Saving Guidebook

'Bread makes itself, by your kindness, with your help with imagination streaming through you, with dough under hand, you are breadmakng itself. This is why breadmaking is extrodinariliy fufilling and rewarding. Love is not only the most important ingredient, it is the only ingredient that really matters.' Tasajara Bread

“Rabbi Ahai ben Josiah said, 'He who buys grain in the market, to what may he be compared? To a child who is cut off from his mother, and although it is taken to homes of wet nurses, it is not satisfied. And he who buys bread in the market, to what is he compared? To a man who digs his own grave - a wretched, precarious existence. But he who eats of his own produce is like a child reared at his mother's breast.” The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan, Avot d'Rabbi Nathan 30:6

'G-d created the world so that all shall live in pleasantness, that all shall be equal, that one shall not lord over the other, and that all may cultivate the land. However, when warrior-minded people multiplied they began to rely on their might, and left off cultivating the land and turned to robbery.' The Fathers According to Rabbi Nathan - Avot d'Rabbi Nathan 30:6

We welcome visitors. Please email: growseed@yahoo.com or call - 413 624 0214! Directions: Interstate 91 - Exit 26, From the rotary, turn onto Rt 2 West. Drive 3.6 miles on Rt. 2 West. Immediately after Hagars Market and Strawberry Fields antique store on the right, look for a green sign: “To Rt. 112 North Colrain.” Turn RIGHT onto the Colrain/Shelburne Road. Drive 5.1 miles north. At the intersection with a white-steepled brick church turn LEFT onto Rt. 112 - Main Road. Drive a mile, turn RIGHT onto Foundry Village Road. After a windy mile bear RIGHT onto Adamsville Road 2 miles north, staying on Adamsville (bare right at a fork up the hill) We are the little yellow cape on the left side - 400 Adamsville.

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Heritage Wheat

Restore the delicious biodiversity of Landrace Wheat.