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$3.99/lb for 20 lbs +



Gluten-safe grain from the dawn of agriculture





Sourdough Einkorn Bread

The healthiest bread you can buy. Blessed for a healthy & kosher loaf.

Organic Einkorn Flour


Heritage Wheats

Grow climate-resilient Landrace Grains that evolved for millennia to survive natural climate change weather extremes!


Recipe for 1/2 einkorn and 1/2 wheat bread.

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Medieval Flour - A Taste of History

In the Medieval period most European buildings had thatched roofs. Smoke-blackened from open hearth fires, thatch wheatsheaves open a window into Medieval wheat fields and breads. John Letts, an English archeobotanist reports,'I uncovered over 200 ancient thatched roofs exposing well-preserved wheatsheaves of a typical Medieval wheat field. Our authentic Medieval Flour contains Heritage Rouge de Bordeaux and Rivet-Poulard with a bit of Rye and Einkorn as in the thatched roofs - and is richly delicious! 5 lbs for $25.



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